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Think New with Used Vehicles

Think New with Used Vehicles

One of the most exciting purchases we make is our automobile. We love our vehicles. We give our autos names and treat them right! When it comes time to make a new car purchase, many people get very excited about what new piece of automotive technology they will drive home with on that special day.

With all of the new bells and whistles added to modern automobiles, the price tags can often be prohibitive. When people make exceptions to their monthly budget to get into a brand new car, disaster can occur. Being budgeted too tightly can result in late payments or no payments at all and ultimately ruin a person’s credit score. Thankfully, there are many used cars on the market that can not only fit the budget, but help improve a person’s credit rating with faithful payments.

“But used cars aren’t reliable!” – This is a common excuse for wanting to buy new, but thinking a used car is unreliable simply because it has been pre-owned is simply not true. A well-cared for car can be as reliable as a new one!

Purchasing a quality used car like the ones we at Auto City offer actually make more financial sense than a new vehicle. Consider this:

    • New automobiles lose (on average) 40% of their value in the first 3 years. That means when you buy a vehicle that is 3 years old or older you are more likely to have a vehicle that maintains it’s value than you are had you bought it off the lot. In modern terms, a vehicle that has been well maintained is still a great automobile at 3 years old.


  • A used vehicle comes with a lower purchase price. A lower purchase price means a lower monthly payment and more ease on the wallet.



  • A used vehicle costs less to insure. Because the value of the vehicle is less to replace, insurance premiums are lower than that on a new vehicle.



  • Because there are fewer fees associated with a used vehicle, you often see lower financing costs to purchase a used vehicle.



  • Modern engines are lasting longer with new synthetic oils. With regular maintenance you can have a high quality automobile that is 3, 4, or even 5 years old.



When it comes to automobiles, picking the biggest and brightest is not always the best option for everyone. You want to find the best possible automobile to fit your budget and often times used is the way to go.

Auto City Credit has options to meet every consumer need and vehicle options to fit every budget. What’s more, we can help get you in a vehicle regardless of what kind of credit you have!

If you are thinking of a new vehicle consider the facts above and think “new to you.” A used vehicle can be just as rewarding and can save you a lot of money in the long run!