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Auto City Credit Blog

  • Options For Buying a Used Car With Bad Credit

    Some people are able to save enough money to buy a car in full. Most of us come to a point where we need a different car and must find the money for that purchase. Thankfully, there are a few of ways … more

  • Life Events that Change Our Used Car Needs

    Everybody experiences events in life that change how we think about and use the cars we have. These events usually justify a new car purchase or an upgrade to the car you already own. The average … more

  • Budgeting: Extra Car Costs To Consider

    When you’re ready to buy a good used car, make sure you understand the financial impact on your household budget. Not only will you be responsible for making the monthly payments, but you’ … more

  • Common Events That Affect Credit Scores

    It can be a sobering event when you apply for a bank loan or department store credit card and get turned down because of your credit rating. There are several things that can affect your credit score … more

  • 7 Signs You Need To Buy Another Car

    People don’t often consider when they should buy a different car until they notice parts falling off in their driveway. It’s worth the time, stress and money to take a moment to walk … more