The Importance of a Used Car Warranty

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There are very few purchases as important as the purchase of a new vehicle. An automobile is an investment in both your family and your career. Our vehicles connect us to the rest of the world and times we are without them can be both costly and frustrating.

When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle the buyer takes some risk. While most of the time a used vehicle is an excellent purchase that allows the buyer to get the most for his or her money, there are times when a used vehicle can have some issues. How important is it to purchase an extended warranty when purchasing a new used vehicle and is it worth it? The short answer is very important and yes, every penny if you get the right one.

Why is a warranty so important? Peace of mind is the most obvious answer. If something goes wrong with your new used automobile having a warranty means you are protected. After making a large investment such as a used car the last thing a buyer wants is to have to spend any more money out of pocket than necessary to maintain their vehicle. Nothing is more frustrating than to be without your vehicle soon after the purchase and to be saddled with expensive repairs.

One of the easiest ways to purchase an extended warranty for your used vehicle is through the dealer from which you purchased the automobile. Thankfully, Auto City offers an exclusive Worry Free Warranty that covers many repairs up to 2 years from the day you buy your car! Having the warranty as a built in option when you buy your car from us makes it something you don’t have to worry about for at least 2 years (or 24,000 miles.)
Finding out whether the warranty you are looking at is a good deal is as simple as an internet search. In fact, you can even compare warranty prices online to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. Make sure to investigate the company providing the warranty. Dealing with a company that has a history of being difficult can create problems down the road. Auto City has one of the best warranties around – that’s why we call it our Worry Free Warranty. You can find out all about it here.

Following these simple guidelines can help ensure that your used vehicle purchase is smooth and safe. With these tips the only thing you’ll have to worry about is finding the right car or truck to suit your needs. These tips are just another way we can support our customers in addition to quality used vehicles and our ability to finance anyone!

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