Why Do People Buy Police Cars… And Other Vehicles?

Most cars seen on the road make your commute relatively uneventful. However, when an unusual vehicle passes by, your eyes tend to perk up. People who buy cars with specific functions are a rare breed. They use the vehicles as an extension of their personalities. Some of the most startling cars make the biggest impact on the road.

Law Enforcement Vehicles

The Ford Crown Victoria is a prime example of a car recognized as anything but a civilian vehicle. This full-size sedan is typically used for police street patrols. When outfitted as a police unit, the engine is high-powered, with the ability to power through residential streets and down freeways.

People who buy these cars are living out their law enforcement dreams. Although they may only be driving to the grocery store, they can imagine they are in hot pursuit of a suspect. Retired police officers often buy these cars, reminiscing of days past.

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Military Vehicles

The original Humvee was made for military use, carrying soldiers and weapons with its roomy interior. When the H2 Hummer was introduced to the general public as a legal streetcar people flocked to buy one.

Although it wasn’t a gas-saving vehicle, people wanted the feeling of being in control of their military unit. Driving to the mall was much more exciting if it felt like navigating through enemy territory.

Page Blog 02 19 14 Why Do People Buy Police Cars Hummer

Vehicles For Hire

Old taxicabs have a romantic feel to them. Classic movies show actors exiting cabs to argue in the rain, and then embrace moments later. People who buy old cabs are typically enthralled with the history and connotations of the vehicle.

Unlike today’s compact cars, you can fit three people comfortably in the backseat. The trunk is large enough for actual suitcases. An old cab purchase is a throwback to simpler days.

Page Blog 02 19 14 Why Do People Buy Police Cars Cab

Funeral Vehicles

People who purchase hearses are usually looking for shock value. A hearse is equated with death and loss, but the owner may feel that it brings them alive on the road.

Many people will slow down or stop in the presence of a funeral coach. They certainly won’t honk at one. The juxtaposition of death and life makes this vehicle a startling purchase for others, while one unique individual sees it as a statement.

Page Blog 02 19 14 Why Do People Buy Police Cars Hearse
Regardless of the vehicle’s shape or model, each car reflects the owner’s personality. If you look at your favorite vehicles, they may show your true colors, from an eco-friendly Smart car to a luxurious BMW.
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