10 & Done - Auto City Credit’s Referral Program

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Finance Your New Vehicle with Auto City Credit! Choose from hundreds of quality pre-owned vehicles and take advantage of easy 5-minute credit approvals.

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Download Our Referral Wizard app! Just visit the Apple Store or the Play Store on your phone, it’s easy to find!


Refer Your Friends! Using the free Referral Wizard app, refer your friends to Auto City Credit. With your login, you can see the status of every referral you send!

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Skip a payment! With every referral that purchases a vehicle, YOU get $200 off your next car payment!

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Skip ALL Your Payments! Refer 10 friends and we’ll pay off the rest of your loan…and give you the title!

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*“The “10 & Done” program (The Program) is valid only at a participating Auto City Credit Dealerships (Dealership/Dealer) and only Auto City Credit customers (Referrer) who are currently financing a vehicle are eligible to participate in the program. Referrals must be referred by Referrer using “The Referral Wizard App” (the App) prior to Referral making contact with Dealership. Referral must purchase a vehicle from Dealership in order for Referrer to receive credit for the Referral as part of The Program. Referrer will receive $200 or such other amount as determined by Dealership for each eligible Referral (Referral Fee). Referral Fees shall be made in the form of a credit to Referrer’s account and may not be exchanged for cash. After 10 eligible Referrals, dealer will credit Referrer’s principal account balance in the amount of $10,000 or the amount of their remaining principal balance, whichever is the lesser. Dealer reserves the right to change the program guidelines and payments at any time for any reason without notice.