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No. Auto City Credit is a Buy Here, Pay Here Dallas used car dealership that provides in-house financing. That means no banks or manufacturer’s financing. We make getting approved very easy, even with bad credit or no credit at all.

Auto City Credit requires you to be at your current job for at least one (1) month, and that your income from that job be a least $2,000 per month. We also require at least six (6) months of residency within 60 miles of the DFW area. A driver’s license is not required however, you will need to have a photo ID.

These are the primary requirements. There may be others depending on your specific situation. The best place to start is with our easy online application. Once you have completed the application, one of our specialists will be in touch with you with additional information.

Your credit score is not as important as a good job and a stable residence, whether it is 415 or 715. Our focus is on your future, not your past, and how we can help get you there. Approval is not guaranteed, but we can work with customers with a wide range of credit scores thanks to our flexible in-house financing.

Yes. Repossessioncharge-offsdivorceold bankruptcies, etc are all things we can work with, as long as you let us know about them. Approval is not guaranteed, however, Auto City Credit understands that bad things happen to good people which is why our focus is on your future, not your past. By financing through Auto City Credit, your timely payments can help improve your credit and recover from these situations.

The answer to that depends on many things:

  • The price of the vehicle
  • The size of your downpayment
  • The finance term, interest rate, etc.

Most of these questions will need to be answered once you arrive at the lot and decide on a vehicle, however, we’ll work with you and your budget to keep your payments affordable. Payments can vary significantly, however, they typically average between $180 and $250 bi-weekly.

Since we provide in-house financing, we do require that you live within 60 miles of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area for at least 6 months.

Auto City Credit is one of the few buy here, pay here dealerships offering a 2 Year or 24,000-mile warranty on most of our vehicles. Warranties will vary by certain types of vehicles. Specific warranty details are provided on our website on each vehicle detail page.

Auto City Credit provides a 3-day Love it or Leave It guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, return it within three (3) days for a complete refund or trade it for a comparable vehicle.

No. Auto City Credit does not require that you have a driver’s license when purchasing a vehicle from us. Any state or federally issued photo ID will do

Auto City Credit makes it quick and easy to apply right from your phone. Our application is only a few questions and no documents are needed upfront. Once your application is received, a member of our approval department will reach out to review it with you and schedule an appointment. It’s that easy.

Auto City does what’s called a Soft Pull. Our main purpose is just to confirm you are who you say you are and to gauge your stability. Soft Pulls do not affect your credit score.

Most times when someone asks this question it’s because they are used to having to pay a bunch of extras, in addition to the down payment, once they get to the dealership. Not at Auto City Credit. The only money you will have to pay when you come in is your down payment. Not a penny more.

  • Proof of income – 2 to 3 of your most recent paycheck stubs or bank statements, or use our Income Verification Tool and avoid documents altogether.
  • Proof of residence – A piece of mail with your name and home address on it, preferably a utility bill or lease agreement.
  • Photo ID – Driver’s license, State issued photo ID, passport, etc
Most times we do not require coverage before driving off the lot. Auto City does require that you carry some sort of comprehensive insurance covering the vehicle at all times, however, we give you 14 days from the date of sale to either purchase your own from an outside insurance company or purchase our CPI coverage. There are a few types of vehicles that typically require that you have insurance before driving off the lot, your salesperson can provide more information about that. The benefits of our CPI coverage include:
  • No qualifying which means No down payment is required
  • Low premiums
  • $500 Deductible All drivers included
  • No DMV check
  • No license required
  • Immediate coverage


Auto City Credit has hundreds of vehicles that can be purchased for just $500 down, which is our minimum required down payment. Down payments can vary depending on the vehicle and the applicant.

Yes. Auto City Credit reports to Experian so your on-time payments can go a long way towards improving your credit score.

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