Our Exclusive Worry Free Warranty

Term Of Limited Warranty: This Limited Warranty covers select models and expires by time, 24 months from the date of sale or mileage 24,000 miles from odometer reading at the time of sale, whichever occurs first.

Deductible Amount Per Repair Visit: The amount YOU are required to pay per visit for covered breakdowns is $100.00.

What Is Covered: Upon payment of the deductible amount per repair visit and before the expiration of this Limited Warranty, the Selling Dealer will make the necessary repairs to components listed in the Schedule of Coverage. Replace of any part may be made with parts of like kind and quality at the time of the breakdown, including re-manufactured or used parts.

Schedule of Coverage

Powertrain: All internal lubricated parts within engine block and engine heads if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. All internal transmission parts, seals and gaskets, torque converter, transfer case, transmission case, if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. Front wheel axle shafts, final drive housing and internal parts, front-wheel bearings, locking rings and automatic front locking hubs (four-wheel drive vehicles), seals and gaskets, universal and constant velocity joints. Rear wheel axle shafts; drive axle housing and internal parts, drive shaft, rear wheel bearings, retainers, seals and gaskets, universal and constant velocity joints.

Steering: Control valve and cylinder, cooler and cooler lines, couplings, linkages, manual and power steering housing and all internal parts, power steering pump, seals and gaskets.

Front and Rear Suspension: Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bushings, upper and lower ball joints, king pins and bushings, stabilizer shaft linkage and bushings, torsion bars, strut bar and bushing, spindle and spindle support.

Brakes: Master cylinder, power brake cylinder, vacuum assist booster (excluding hydro boost system), disc brake caliper, wheel cylinders compensating valve, hydraulic lines and fittings.

Electrical: Alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor, starter solenoid and started drive.

What Is Not Covered: This Limited Warranty will cover only those items listed under “What is Covered” and does not cover the following: Incidental or consequential damages or loss caused by breakdown of covered parts (or otherwise) including property damage, personal injury, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, damage to a covered part by a noncovered part and damage to a non-covered part by a covered part.

Repairs covered by any manufacturer’s or manufacturer’s emissions warranty on the covered vehicle (whether or not transferred with the vehicle), manufacturer’s recall or factory bulletins, breakdowns of components caused by a defect the manufacturer has publicly announced it would correct, but which you failed to have corrected. Repairs performed by someone other than a licensed repair facility.

Commercial use is excluded and will void coverage under this limited warranty. Repairs required because of collision, abuse, overheating or operation without proper lubrication or coolant, road conditions, misuse, negligence, alteration, racing, accidents, fires, floods, riots, acts of God, vandalism, upset, theft, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance, abuse through towing or improper load capacity, abuse through continued operation of an impaired vehicle, or any other losses normally covered by casualty insurance.

Repairs beyond those required to correct the covered failure.. Repairs of components, which have been modified or added to the vehicle after purchase, any repairs on vehicles whose mileage has been altered or whose odometer has been tampered. The total benefits payable under this Limited Warranty shall not exceed the price paid for the vehicle, Repairs made outside the Continental United States unless you obtain a written waiver to this condition from us. Any manufacturer’s required maintenance and wear and tear items.

Maintenance items, including labor and parts, such as tune ups, carburetor adjustments, oil changes, engine adjustments, alignments, fuel system cleaning, spark plugs, repairs related to fuel or oil contamination, wheel balancing, filters, belts. Hoses, CV joint seals, and brake linings.

Maintenance Responsibilities: If you fail to perform the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, such as oil changes and other periodic service, and your failure caused a breakdown, this will result in loss of you protection under this Limited Warranty. Maintenance records from the date of sale supported by receipts indicating dates, mileage and service performed must be kept during the term of this Limited Warranty and made available to us on request.

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