Top 10 Questions to Ask at a Used Car Dealership

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Purchasing a car from a used car dealership is certainly an endeavor that requires some research. When you are at the dealership, what are 10 questions you should ask before you make the final decision on a vehicle?

Is this car available certified pre-owned?
Generally, at car dealerships, certified pre-owned cars are in better condition than ones that have been labeled as “used.” They have undergone a more extensive inspection and investigation process. In some cases, they are newer and have lower miles on them.

Has this car ever been in an accident? Even if the car appears fine on the outside, damage from an accident can cause issues deep in its core. Having a good paint and body shop check it is a good idea.
Where is the car from? Getting a sense of the car’s history is important. It might have been returned on a lease from another person, or it might have spent some time jumping from car dealership to car dealership.
Can I take a test drive in it? If the answer to this question is no, red flags should start to wave. Test driving a car is a fairly standard action before purchasing one, so you should be able to take the vehicle for a ride.

Are there warranties or extended service contracts available with it?
As you probably already know, used cars can break down. Instead of dealing with these issues, you want to know that the car dealership offers some piece of mind in a great warranty.

How reliable is the dealer? Get to know the used car dealership. How long the dealership has been in business? You make sure they’ll still be there if you have a problem. Do they have a good reputation? Most of these questions should be able to be found with a simple search online. Find local reviews and make sure they will still be in business when or if you may need them down the road.
How many miles does the car have? Of course, you can go inside the car to look. However, making sure what the dealership says matches up with what you find inside of the car is extremely important.
Are finance and lease agreements available for the car? Depending upon where you are buying from, the answer could be no. If you want a finance or lease agreement, it is often better to buy from a dealership.
Will you accept my car as a trade-in? This question is fairly self-explanatory, and the answer to it can help you to save money on a deposit or future payments.
Can I have my own mechanic look at the car? Getting this type of perspective can be extremely valuable in that you are able to save a lot of aggravation later.

When you want to work toward obtaining a car from a used car dealership, the inquiries above are some important questions you should ask and consider along the way.

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